Jim Fasold

May 18th 9:45 am - 10:45 am

James & Carolyn Fasold

James & Carolyn Fasold: After two years of church planting followed by 32 years of theological training, Jim and Carolyn are involved full-time in counseling and mentoring graduates in the ministry, serving as conference speakers for pastors and missionaries in various European countries and serving as consultants for seminaries outside of Spain. Their goal is to counsel and mentor men and women in the ministry and minister to members of Spanish churches through retreats, conferences and the writing of books on key subjects.

Jim is currently writing a book on hermeneutics for the Spanish-speaking world, enabling an even broader ministry.

Contact Info

Juan de la Cierva 16, Esc. B, At. 1
Castelldefels, (Barcelona) 08860



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